Quit Smoking

Easy Quit Smoking Now!

broken cigarettes arranged to form the word quit

My quit smoking session is a one off two hour session. The first hour involves some psychotherapy. We talk about the effects of smoking and how this could affect your life. During this session I am gathering personal information that I can use in the second hour. So as well as talking about the negative effects of smoking on your body, finances and your genuine well being I am also gathering information related to your habit and consumption. I give you some information to take away with you as a reminder and some advice about some supplements which help you along.

The second hour is pure hypnosis. I spend a good length of time talking you down into a deeply relaxed state and then I use hypnotic suggestion to help re-programme the subconcious to help you to stop thinking about smoking. This is a fantastic strengthener to your will power. That is why hypnotherapy works so well because what a smoker tends to do is constantly think about the very thing that they are trying to quit. This award winning programme has a high success rate.

I do offer a free top up session should there be any problems within the first 3 months. It is quite rare that anyone needs to return for this. I believe this to be one of the best ways to quit smoking with hypnotherapy in Essex.
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