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Everything happens for a reason

Hello again. I hope you all enjoyed reading the first part of my Hypnotherapy blog last week. Following on from that, I’d just like to talk a bit about things happening for a reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we can learn so much from all of our experiences. Both the  good and bad.

So, the question that I left you with at the end of my last blog was “Did I ever look back and realise that my accident happened for a reason? Was I ever grateful for the experience?  In all honesty I can say that the answer is YES! It was so hard to see at the time and for maybe many years after but hindsight is a great thing. I will give you the reasons why. To start with I was not really doing a career that I was suited to. I went straight from school up to the city to work purely for financial reasons. Money was never a great driver for me but I needed to earn and I suppose I was kind of steered in this direction by my  family. I worked in the financial markets and Maths has never been my Forte!! In fact I have quite an aversion to anything to do with numbers!  But I did enjoy the social side of the job and I liked the excitement of being in the city. I had many laughs there and met some great people. I think, though, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wasn’t doing what I should be doing. I also didn’t know what it was that I should be doing so I just ploughed through and got on with the job. This was causing me some stress though. Much of the time I knew my colleagues were finding it more naturally easy to do the job than I was. Because of that though I was working harder and I believe I did have a good reputation at work. So even though I was a bit like a fish out of water I got on with the job to the best of my ability. Its only now that I look back that I feel that if I hadn’t have had my accident I probably would have just muddled through and stayed in the security of the job. I probably would have aged a lot quicker as the job was very stressful. Many of my colleagues have had to come away from that work now.  As I now know through my work as a hypnotherapist stress causes disease. If I had stayed in a job that I felt uncomfortable in (not at ease or at Dis-ease) I could have very well made myself ill. Stress can lead to illness including cancer and have all sorts of other negative effects on the body.

If I had not had my accident I probably wouldn’t have had a career change so I wouldn’t have been led into my work as a hypnotherapist. It wasn’t til years later that I realised that I had used hypnosis naturally in my recovery and that I had also used hypnosis as I child to help me through childhood trauma without even realising it. I shall talk about that further in a later blog.

As a result of my accident I also suffered PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and I believe that I now do some very good work using hypnotherapy and EFT (tapping) with clients suffering from PTSD. This is something that I wouldn’t have insight into or any empathy with without that experience. I also suffer a very mild tourettes symptom as a result of my head injury and although I have coping mechanisms to deal with this (most wouldn’t even realise that I suffer) it has also given me great insight into tics and how to help others.

Another important lesson that my accident taught me was to be grateful for everything that I do have. I haven’t taken life far-granted ever since and I know that I did before. I am grateful for everyday that I wake up healthy and able to function normally. I thank the universe for everything that I have. I am so grateful for every one of my lifes experiences and where they have brought me today. I do some work in motivation with groups and also some tutoring in employability. Many of these people just have a lack of confidence due to experiences in their youth, either at home or at school. Being told they are stupid or put down in other ways. I don’t believe that any one of us is stupid. We just all use different parts of our minds. As I mentioned earlier I am not very good with figures but I do know that I have emotional intelligence. This is something that I can use in my practice and in my tutoring. I teach that we all have skills and do some exercises to help learners to find out where their skills lie so they can then find out in what area to develop. This alone helps with their confidence.

So, in summary, I am grateful for my accident and all of my life experiences which have led me to where I am today. Anyway that’s enough blogging about me for now. In my next blog next week I will talk about Motivation.

Have a fantastic week ahead everyone and remember, whatever challenges life throws at you, there will be a reason for it. ;-).


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