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Choosing the right therapist for you

In this weeks blog I am talking about how to choose the right therapist for you. How do you know that the person you are seeing is going to meet your needs? First of all it is always important to check to see if a therapist has the relevant qualifications. This should be stated on his or her website or in any of their literature. If the particular therapist has the relevant qualifications then they will be a member of a governing body. This is very important because it governs the therapist with a code of conduct. This will include stipulations such as client confidentiality and continuing professional development which is required every year. Sometimes qualifications and governing body membership can be ascertained by the letters after their name. For example I am Brad Mace. Maphp (acc). Dhp. Maamet. and nrcp. These show that I am a member of the association for professional hypnosis and psychotherapy, a member of the association for the advancement meridian energy techniques and I am on the national register of Psychotherapists and counsellors. These qualifications can be checked by going to the website of the particular governing body or by contacting them by phone.
Once you have ascertained their relevant qualifications and governing body the next step would be to find out if you feel comfortable with them. This can also work both ways. A therapist has to be comfortable working with you and the particular symptom that you would like help with. This is where an initial consultation is important. I always offer a FREE initial consultation. This is free in price and also obligation free. That way I can get an understanding of what I will be working with and how I can help. I would never take on a client should I believe that I am not going to be able to give them the best therapy for their particular need. If I believe there is another therapist that would serve them better then I would refer them on in that particular case. This could be for a manner of reasons such as they may specialise in a particular area that you would like help with. So, it is important that when you meet your therapist for the consultation that you feel comfortable with him/her and that you ask any questions that you may need to. After all this is going to be the person that you are opening up to and trusting. I feel it is important to have this free initial consultation to ascertain exactly how we are going to work together. I would then explain in simplistic terms, so that the client is aware and understands what the therapy will entail and also give them an idea of how long this may take and costings. Of course we can only give an idea of this as there is no text book case with therapy. We all have different needs.
As in all consultations, even with your GP it is advisable to arrive with a list of questions so that these may be answered as we all know that when we have a specified time slot we can on occasions forget those important questions. For example; What are your qualifications? How many years experience do you have? Have you worked with this particular symptom before? If so, how many session has it normally taken? How flexible are you with meeting my attendance availability? How soon could we start therapy?
What’s your theoretical orientation? Not all therapists are the same when it comes to how they view your problems and their approach to getting you better. Some focus on childhood issues; others are concerned with the here and now. Some are directive and require homework; others see themselves as guides helping you navigate the winding roads of your psyche. Finding a fit with your style and personality is important.
I hope this has given you a good idea of what to look for and questions to ask. Whoever you choose for your therapy I wish you every success!

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